The End?

I know there was some discussion last year about doing a repeat of the class, but we decided not to, at least for this quarter. Both Tom and I have a few other, more important commitments, and with constant research and 24-7 office hours, we figured that it would be best not to repeat.

Even so, it remains possible (though honestly, unlikely) that we’ll pick it back up for a quarter in the future, so we’ll let you know here if that happens. I realize the material might be a little stale, but I’ll certainly leave this site up and all of the materials for anyone interested in what we put together.

2 Responses to “The End?”

  1. Daniel says:

    What’s the latest on this class??

  2. kevin says:

    We’re long gone at this point, unfortunately. I actually don’t even follow Magic much nowadays, though this site should be around for the foreseeable future!

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